Meet the Bon Vivants: Tom Quinn

Meet the Bon Vivants is a new series that showcases the work of my favorite thinkers and good-lifers, all personal friends with important ideas and interesting musings. 

In Life of Pi, a novel singularly notable for its premise, Yann Martel makes the case that belief is an intellectual choice that takes great courage. It should come after an examination of available options and then tested for its ability to sustain one mentally and emotionally, even physically though life's trials. The spiritually-inclined Pi chooses as his mentors those who, like him, make the human search for meaning a priority and take a considered stand either for or against the concept of a divine plan. Pi spends time evaluating the statements of many adults in his life, from Mr. Kumar the atheist scientist to Father Martin the Catholic priest, patiently questioning each one in an effort to understand different means of organizing the universe and which rings true for him. 

I'm glad to know just such a seeker in real life -- Meet Tom Quinn. The Scottish-born writer, psychologist, and educator shares his personal quest in the following interview featured on Tom and his wife Karen have been incredibly kind, perceptive, intelligent mentors during my own journey, and I am forever grateful for their friendship.